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the end of the week

This afternoon Avadore and I made Thai chicken rice soup. It's perhaps an odd thing for one to cook when one is feeding an Idahoan with a sensitive stomach, a baby and a preschooler, but it a) needed to be done, and b) tastes good on the way down.

If I had a cold, it would be perfect. And Avadore likes it.

Avadore will be four soon. He's constantly surprising me with what he can do and what he wants to do. Lately, surprise, surprise, he's fascinated with computers. He loves the one at the library and when we went to get the tire fixed at the tire shop he played with their computer which will allow one to custom design the look of their tires on their specific car.

Avadore and I like to go to the Sesame Street site to play. Today I let him do a lot of the driving. He still needs help with some of the games and stories because he can't read and isn't quite up with all the concepts, but he's really getting there. My mouse is also a little tricky for him; it's a little small for him. He may need his own kids' mouse or a huge trackball type mouse. Avadore also surprised me with how quickly he caught onto some of the games. We've been working on concepts like big and little and shapes and other such things, and it's obviously sinking in somewhere.

He is also becoming opinionated about where he thinks some of our furnishings should go. He's actively trying to rearrange my bedroom and the living room. For example, he thinks that some of the lamps could definitely be put to better use in other parts of the rooms.

I am so in trouble.

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