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spark electric grandmother
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-- Lon Prater
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One of my New Year's resolutions was to eat more Indian food because, well, I like it. And I'm all for resolving to do things I like to do. I also resolve to go hiking when the weather warms, and to go up to the mountains sometime this fall and drink hot chocolate and enjoy the beauty of the earth. I resolve to go on walks with the kids and collect rocks and sticks and leaves and show the soon-to-be four-year-old how one can put a leaf under a piece of paper and run a crayon over the paper and leaf and reveal the leaf's structure. I resolve to write good stories and read good books and laugh a lot. I resolve to watch some good movies and keep up with good friends. I plan on having some fun, and doing things to make me a better person -- to look out for and help out the other guy. I plan on living life to the fullest potential I have right now. I resolve to enjoy the phase of life that I find myself in at this point. There's hard parts, there's trials and challenges, but there's wonderful experiences that I'll never have again. Opportunities for growth that are only available now. I resolve to reach out and grab them.

And tonight, for dinner, I'm making chicken curry.

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