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-- Lon Prater
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depressing morning

I was supposed to be headed halfway north today for a party. It was going to start out at lunch and then progress into the larger party itself. It was going to be fun. There was going to be great food, and gaming, i.e. Munchkin.

Instead, though feeling better, I still feel a bit crummy. LD may be sick. I think Avadore's okay. Thankfully. It's cold and rainy and there is no snow to be seen in the forecast. We need the snow. Lots and lots and lots of snow. But mostly we are having an extra long spring, evidently.

It's never been spring on my birthday before...

Time to pick myself up out of my misery, shower, and find happy things to do on this cold, wet, rainy day where the kids and I will spend the weekend alone.

So I can drink tea, and play with the kids, light candles and read and write. Get some studying in. These are good things to do on such a day. Enjoy the rain. Pretend the ocean is near by. Be glad the woods are near by. Pretend the kids and I are on vacation for some bonding time. You see this? An imagination is a useful thing. And so is a change in perspective. Much better than the potential reality of the thing from a certain point of view.

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