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-- Lon Prater
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I considered shoveling the driveway and walk, but changed my mind.

I did sweep the snow off the front porch. (Please, Rice, don't kill me.)

My back really hurts, but it's from the fall in the kitchen, not the porch. I promise.

I took 400 mgs of Motrin instead of 200.

I've put together a box of books to put away. (Do you see me needing an organic chemistry text anytime soon? No, me neither.)

I may becoming a cat person. *Eep*

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I may be addicted to chocolate this week.

One of the best things about having one's birthday right around Valentine's Day is all the available chocolate.

I dream I went on vacation last night, and that I went back to college and was, for some stupid reason, taking English classes I either already took or never needed. You know, the classes where you learn what a sentence is.

I am reorganizing the house. No, I am not nesting.

It bothers me when my mother runs into people I used to know and talks about me. If you were me it would bother you a little bit, too.

I miss The X-Files. Sunday nights just aren't the same.

I found my grandmother's recipe for carpet cleaner and I may try it, as well as her recipe for wall cleaner.

Speaking of which, I should write Grandma a letter.

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And now you know!

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