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something happens

Late Saturday afternoon I started coming down with a cold. This was a very bad thing; colds usually hang on forever for me. As I soon as I noticed the symptoms, I started pounded the Wal-Borne (Walgreen's version of Airborne), and I think it made a difference. I'm just about over it today.

Yesterday I was doing better, certainly. I did some writing on a new piece and some rewriting on an old, and then began looking over another piece that needs rewriting. I was very productive, for a muzzy head person, and it was good. I also read through (for the second time) a very cool story sent to me. I have some comments to write down, but I thought it would be best to do that when I'm a little more in control of my faculties. Thankfully, that may be today.

Tomorrow Avadore is four. The J-Spot and K-Spot are coming over for a party. A lot of the planning is up in the air because we're going to ask Avadore what he wants to do in terms of dinner and that sort of thing. He has an opinion now on a lot of things -- might as well let him use it. But there will be that cake he's been dreaming about, and balloons (he loves balloons), and presents, and a movie and maybe some dancing. Both the kids love to dance, but it's possible Avadore may be too shy to dance in front of all those people :). It will be low-key, but fun. And that's what's important. There will be another party this Sunday with Grandma and Grandpa. Again, I am sure, much fun will be had.

Time to go make the donuts. Time to develop my plotting skills.

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