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the plague #1

Long night. Up and down, up and down.

About an hour ago, when I was really sorta up, I noticed the baby was pretty warm and wanted to take his temperature, but couldn't find the thermometer.

"Avadore. Do you know where the thermometer is?"

"No, I don't know," he says in that adorable sing-song voice.

"You know, the long white thermometer?"

"I don't know."

::Me trumps off to the computer. Types in "digital thermometer". Clicks on picture.::

"Avadore, do you know where this is?" I ask, showing him the picture.

"Ohhhh... It's in your room. It's in your closet."

::We trump off to the closet. Find thermometer behind clothes and shoes.::


LD temperature: 102.7.

Avadore's temperature: 99.9 (Which is a tad warm for him.)


We will be making a Walgreens trip this morning. Must buy children's Motrin, Wal-Borne (for adults), and a new suction bulb (ours has gotten a bit beat up), and Sudafed for my ears.

Must call Lacy and cancel movie night. We wouldn't want her getting sick.


The problem with the internet is that I can't approximate how Avadore says things; he really is pretty cute about the whole thing. Even the "It's in your room. It's in your closet." Yeah, it's all pretty cute.

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