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-- Lon Prater
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The pregnancy of December '99 through March 2000 was a Very Bad Time. It was my second semester of grad school. I was constantly exhausted. It was all I could do to go to my classes, semanars, and the class I TA'd, and office hours (where I dealt with some very "special" people). I'd come home and crash, usually in the chair in the living room or the bathtub. (Not on purpose, mind you.)

The morning sickness was horrible. I could hardly get anything down but apple tea, the occasional package of macaroni and cheese and the occasional smoothie (frozen fruit, plain yogurt, vanilla, honey, some sort of liquid (like soy milk) and tofu -- this was before Rice corrupted me :)). I remember once eating a veggie sandwich that wasn't too bad. I remember when I finally got hungry again, just before I miscarried, and I ate a seemingly huge breakfast of crepes and eggs (as in it wasn't that big, but it was a lot more food than I had been eating at one time). The one thing I could eat were the tangelos I bought at the grocer at the bottom of the hill. They were so sweet and so juicy and so lovely. I ate and ate and ate tangelos. (As in maybe five a week. Okay, it felt like I was constantly eating tangelos.)

It's tangelo season again. I just ate one for dinner, with my soup and spoon bread. It tasted like absolutely nothing.

I haven't had tangelos as sweet, with just a tinge of a sour bite, and as juicy as those tangelos from the late winter to early spring of 2000.

I wonder if I ever will again.

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