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catching up

To begin with, Rice wrote and sent me a farce with my characters from "Into the Woods" on Thursday night. I may never be able to read that story with a straight face again.


I took Avadore to be evaluated for his development Friday morning, specifically to look into his language/speech issues. No, this is not a new thing. We've been worried about this and trying to work with this since he was almost two. Hopefully this time he'll qualify for some help. If he does qualify, he'll go to a speech therapist privately, or he'll be sent to the Head Start program. (The Head Start that is located nearby seems to be an excellent program where children thrive and do well.) If he doesn't qualify, it will be time for us to find someone privately, I suspect.

A short note: What does it say about most of our local preschools when I'd prefer to send my kid to Head Start rather than to some of the other available schools?


I wrote a long discussion of supportive people in the spec fic world, but let's keep this a short entry, eh? *

Okay then.

I assume most of you read Elizabeth Bear's LJ, but just in case you don't, or you missed this, he's some fine words.

Jay Lake on pushing.

Jay Lake on authorial perspective:

twice,three times.


Went and saw Howl's Moving Castle Saturday with the K-Spot and the J-Spot. Terribly enjoyable, and very much a Miyazaki movie. It was beautiful to watch. I wish I had the opportunity to see some of his other films on the big screen. J-Spot can correct me on this, but this is the first time I've known one of his movies to come to one of our local theaters.

Also, Rice may be teasing me about going to see it just for Christian Bale for the rest of my natural life.

Oh, Christian. ;)


*I had a long rant comparing my academic experience, in writing and other things, to what I see writers doing for one another and how they deal with one another online. It's a completely different experience, and a heartening one.

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