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technology hates me

I'm an Aquarian. I'm supposed to love technology. (Or so all my friend who are into astrology tell me.)

But I wonder... what if it doesn't love me?

Currently having pretty wacky 'net troubles. We're up and down and up and down and then... Yeah... My email has been incredibly unreliable, as has the phone. In less than twenty-four hours I have missed three somewhat important calls.

This also means that unless I go steal wi-fi from Kinko's ala Poppy Z. Brite, or go to the local wi-fi coffee shop, there will be little blogging, little blog reading and little emailing.

That is to say that if something cool or something horrible or something in general happens to you and it seems that I'm ignoring you, that's not my intention. Just pretend I'm still living in the dark ages.

Much recent writerly angst.

Been working on getting house stuff in order = no writing. I'm getting twitchy.

Had a potential writing group but the entire group fizzled before it started. Maybe for the best.

Found out Sunday that a recent submission was most likely every editor's nightmare. Lesson learned about mixing non- writerly people with the business side of writing.

Also received an expected rejection, though a very, very cool rejection. I knew this market wouldn't want the story, but the J-Spot talked me into subbing anyway. The editor who originally looked at the story said she loved it, but the not all the other editors did, so they weren't taking it. She said to keep sending it to magazines. It was unique and original and someone would want it. Well, in Idaho, it's unique and original, but not necessarily in the rest of the world. But that's okay. One person loved the story (other than some of the people who critted it), and that's a cool thing. Because of this, I think the story was successful. What more could a person ask for?

Hope all is well with you all.

Hoping I'm connected again soon myself. Still wandering in a haze over Christian the Anthropology God.

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