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endings and beginnings

Got a phone call late last night from my rockin' cousin Carol to let me know my father's eldest brother had passed away during surgery to remove a polyp. They don't know (at least late last night) what happened. They thought he may have had a clot or something. He was 64.

There will be a funeral to attend this week, I suspect. Child arrangements to be made.

Avadore just got home a bit ago from his first day of school. He had a fun time, and rode a really cute bus home with other preschoolers. They were all strapped in by some mighty seatbelts. Woo!

He was in the front seat, next to a little blonde girl with glasses. When the bus pulled up, I saw him point to me and say something to her. Probably something like, "That's my mom." The bus driver was kind, a real sweetie. After this morning (we dropped Avi off and went to his class and talked to his teacher, etc.), I am more impressed with this set up. It's really quite a good one. It's too bad all of public school isn't like this around here...

Anyway, I'm going home today to be with my family. I spoke with my grandmother last night. She said she thought she must be in shock. She couldn't understand why an old woman would be left on earth while her child died. I don't understand either, but I have to believe there's a good reason.

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