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-- Lon Prater
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still here

though obviously busy with other things.

Have discovered one of the most amazing things on earth: a certain brand of brown rice pasta. One would never know it's gluten-free. Praise the brown rice gods!


Highlights from my uncle's funeral:

The officiant calling some of my mourning cousins to repentance during his funerary remarks. I think it's a habit; he called me to repentance at my grandfather's funeral almost exactly five years ago. At least with me he had the taste not to do it in front of God and man at the funeral, but privately at the viewing so I could personally give him what for.

The funeral program noting that "Warren K. Croft" was being buried, not "Wendell K. Croft", which was somewhat relieving, as my cousin who spoke remarked, until one noticed that all the pictures were indeed of my uncle.

Also, the program noted the funeral was at 11 p.m., not a.m.
We were evidently a wee bit early.

During the internment, I sat in the car with my grandmother and a cousin. The wind was incredibly powerful and was about to blow Grandma off her feet. She was encouraged to stay put. My cousin and I thought she needed company. We had a lot of laughs and a great visit.

Evidently during said internment, they played "Home on the Range", which was perfect for my uncle.

While walking into the church for the funeral luncheon, the wind actually blew my glasses off my face. My dad's youngest brother and Rice helped me search the parking lot for my glasses. Finally after Rice noted that they were "... probably halfway to Rupert by now", we gave up. And then Rice saw them in an empty parking space. A little crooked, a little scratched, but found.

A fabulous conversation with one of my cousins. Enlightening, hopeful, and sustaining.

One of my first cousins once removed trying to bug me about my relationship with my mother. (This happens at these things. The people who know what happened with she and I love and support me, the people who think they know but don't give me a hard time, and have since 1994. It's getting old. I'm getting very good at ignoring or telling the people what for -- see previous comment about the guy calling me to repentance at my grandfather's viewing.) He didn't get very far.

He tried to ask Rice about it, but Rice, not knowing who the old duffer was, was thankfully distracted by a table diving Avadore. YAY Avadore!

My grandmother looked fabulous.


I've been thinking about men I create in my subconscious.

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