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busy weekend

About 9:30 a friend and her two little girls came by to do laundry. We hung out for a few hours while she did laundry, and let the kids play. She and her husband and girls are coming by tomorrow again to do more laundry.

Tonight some other friends are dropping off the nephew for a few hours during some graduation ceremonies. He's six. We invited some other friends over who have two little ones (a boy and a girl) who are the same age as LD and Avadore. All nine of us (NINE!???) are going to have dessert. I'm making Cookies for Ondine right now.

Usually I make small cookies, but I'm trying to make some big ones this time. I'm thinkin' we could make sundaes on top of them. Simple and the kids will totally love it.

On Sunday we are going up north for Mother's Day festivities. For a while we would get to stay here and relax. (Imagine! A relaxing Mother's Day for me... If only...) Last night, about nine, the MIL invited us up for dinner. So Sunday is booked, too.

And I have a gardening club to organize.

I am so ready for a vacation, but the socializing is fun. I'll have to take it easy next week, though. I really get burned out after a while and have to recharge myself.

Note to self: My kids adore cantaloupe.

Note to self 2: I haven't showered yet today and I may want to do so before guests arrive.

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