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it's that week

The last full week in May is always busy, busy.

My father's birthday is the 24th, my brother's birthday is the 27th, and Rice's and my anniversary is the 28th. (My grandpa's birthday was the 22nd, but he passed away in 2001.)

Tomorrow we're headed to my hometown for my dad's birthday. It should be a total partay. We'll probably celebrate our anniversary on Friday. We're still working on what we're doing... But X-Men 3 is released that day, isn't it? This wouldn't be the first time we went to an X-Men movie for our anniversary... Then Saturday is the partay for the J-Spot at the "beach". It should be a good time.

So Rice and I will have been married for seven years. We have been together for eleven now. Yes, the thought does make me feel moderately old :).


We spent several days up north last week while the in-laws went to Hawaii. (Someone had to be in town to look after Rice's grandma.) My FIL's "boss" and her husband were given a free trip to Hawaii by the company and were told to each bring a guest. Obviously they chose to take the in-laws. In the end the in-laws paid for a car rental, a couple of tours, and a couple of meals for a six day vacation. Rough, I know. I have no idea how they cope.

So the few days up north (I went up at the end of the week because Avadore's still in school) was my vacation. I was in someone else's house with few responsibilities. It was fabulous.

I sat in the sun and read and dangled my feet in the wading pool. I ate sugar and fat. (Well, some. I should have bought the full sugar and fat ice cream and toppings.) We ate pasta and mac and cheese. (This is exciting stuff for us -- GF pasta and mac and cheese is pretty pricey.) We hung with grandma. We looked around at the farmer's market in town. We shopped in stores. We browsed neighborhoods looking at houses. I napped. I took baths. LD also caught a weird stomach ick, but it didn't last long.

I came home Sunday night. Even though I came home to a house that wasn't perfect (my MIL's house is pristine when she's around -- when she leaves for a few days it looks like normal people live there) and needs paint here and carpet replaced there, etc., it was great to be home. It was great to be with the pets and my plants and my couches and my bed. It's a good house. I love this house. And it has an interesting history.


May has certainly been a busy, full month. Lots of fun has been had. And we've seen a lot of our family. And this is always A Very Good Thing.

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