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spark electric grandmother
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-- Lon Prater
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Last night we went into the hills with some friends.

We do this occasionally in the summer and always have a lovely time.

We didn't go at all last year, however, because of LD's skin.

So we went last night and had a lovely time. We roasted marshmallows and made s'mores, which Avadore was a bit wary about. He liked the marshmallows, but he may be a purist in terms of adding graham crackers and chocolate. S'okay -- I'm sure he'll come around.

We sat around a camp fire, burned cherry wood from our tree, and talked. We sat around the camp fire until two in the morning. Rather, the adults did. The kids were smart enough to go to bed a lot sooner than that.

What this means is that I didn't get to bed until 3:30 this morning, and of course, I got up with the kids. I'm a wee bit fuzzy today, and lack motivation.

I think Avadore had a good time. When we were done he was covered in ash. We all had to shower when we got home. Sadly enough, even though he got to bed a more decent hour than 3, he is pretty cranky today.

This may be a better activity to start a lot earlier in the day, if at all possible. I'm just too old for this.


Rice has observed that Ezra Pound's circumstances while imprisioned and Robert Frost's role in his release, though while interesting, isn't terribly romantic.


We have been married for seven years and he says I still constantly surprise him. All this time and he doesn't know why he doesn't have me figured out.

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