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the good things in life

The gluten introduction is going well. I'll say no more for now for fear that suddenly the baby will erupt in a major mass of eczema. Knock on wood and particle board and the trees outside.

It's a lovely day -- cool with the occasional wind and consistent breeze. I have pretty flowers at my table, children sleeping and Rice working on his kuptda project. I have social plans for the evening with fun friends.

We have curry left over from last night and the tea pot will be whistling soon.

The WIP is going well (2,500 words at this point) and I have fabulous books to read.

How could life be better?

I mean there's the other side of the fence and the grass is always greener yadda, yadda, but really I have it good.

It's important to want what you have, and enjoy it, rather than waiting and desiring the other.

I wanted this life I've made. There are a few other things I'd like from my life, but overall it's a good one. I'd like to improve myself in ways and experience other things, but I don't want the life I haven't got. It's a really, really good place to be. A place where I can look at the moment and enjoy it, find peace in it and happiness and not pine for the past or hunger for the future.

I wish I could hold on to this all the time when it's late at night and I wish I were further along at thirty than I am. I wish I could bottle this feeling and share it with the world. I mean, we'd sing in perfect harmony and everything.

Importantly, though I am happy with my life and find great joy in it, I am severely dissatisfied with the state of the world and our country's place in it. Reading the news this morning, I was incredibly disappointed with our nation politically and morally. We are celebrating because a man is dead. How cool is that?

Not cool at all.

And I feel bad for getting excited over the possibility of eating warm wheat rolls with honey butter while people are starving and dying and hurting and running with fear because of what my country is doing. And while people are suffering the world over. But feeling bad doesn't do any good. It can cause me to act to try to make a difference, but I feel so impotent so much of the time.

And this is getting into another entry entirely, so I think I'll allow it to do so.

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