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Rice's birthday was the 28th.

It seemed to be a good one.

We went and saw Superman Returns. Don't let me spoil anything for you ... but he comes back. And as Rice has been pointing out to people, he flies.

It was good. Really, really good. Very enjoyable. Liked it a lot. Definitely suggested.

Some good food was eaten, some games were played. Some gifts were opened. Normal birthday activities.

I also proceeded to knock the right side of my chin with the corner of my car door, thus resulting in massive blood pooling, cut lip, pain at the right lower cranium and my right glasses temple breaking. This isn't a good thing. I've been wearing my old glasses from '99. They're not as comfortable, especially since the left nosepad came off. This issue will definitely have to be addressed.

Not a lot else. Looking forward to a quiet weekend where I'll make Rice's requested fried chicken, fried rice and some lemonade cake. He asked for said menu on Wednesday, but by the time we got out of the movie, etc., etc., it was too late to make it.


I've been reading some great stuff lately, especially some old sci-fi stuff, and some not so old stuff (stories from the '80's aren't that old). They're giving me lots to think about.

Sadly, the month continues to be a bad one for writing. I'm horrified at my poor output lately. Hopefully July will be better. A few scribbled lines here and there while waiting in line is good -- at least some writing is being done, but I'd like to do better. But this should be a good weekend for that: chicken and rice and cake for Rice, I may roast or grill some veggies for me. Mmmm... Drink cherry limeade, play with the kids, hole up and read and write. Well, at least to the best of my abilities. And we'll pull out the ice cream maker for a trial run before the 4th of July festivities up north.

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