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-- Lon Prater
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Well, now. Really. I do have a journal. I do. And obviously, I even occasionally post.

Fourth of July was nice. We had a lot of illegal fireworks in the area, so I even experienced some right in front of my face, which was quite amazing. Nothing like fireworks landing only a few yards away...

Obviously, I'm keeping busy, which is a very good thing.

No exciting writerly news to announce, though I have made several submissions recently. Suspect the rejections to start pouring in any time :).

To be blunt, my own personal life is boring, boring, boring. The lives of people around me are terribly exciting.

For example, a dear one close to my heart recently moved to a sleepy Californian town only to have his moving trailer with most of his possessions stolen in the first day. This could so be the beginner to a Stephen King novel, and he would appreciate that, I'm sure.

My brother and his wife have also moved back in with us, but only for about three weeks. No, make that four now. They're waiting for their house to open up (long story), so now I have a full house.

Sister-in-law is also just went in for day surgery. Not a big deal. Fairly routine stuff. She'll be back tonight.

But all in all, it does make for some excitement.

Just not directly related to me. And I like it like that.

BTW, anyone know of any good mermaid stories, other than "The Little Mermaid"?

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