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before they were authors*

It always interests me, and perks me up, when people who have become successful writers pull out their early work. It helps me to realize that someday I might be more than competent -- someday I might reach good.

The J-Spot brought me home a copy of Ray Bradbury, An Illustrated Life: A Journey to Far Metaphor. I can't tell you how cool it is to look at the fanzines with Bradbury's name, and the pulps with his stories I've never run into, and then more of the pulps and the slicks where the story titles become familiar.

And it's just a fun book to look at anyway. Some of the illustrations are absolutely gorgeous.

The J-Spot found it an interesting book because of the varied designs and art styles used for Bradbury's works -- everything from television to individual stories to movies. (He's going to college and is studying things like graphic design and media editing.)

I just like looking at the pretty pictures :).

* Being a the best designator to differentiate between fiction writers who are professional and, though may not make a living exclusively from their fiction work, still publish regularly, from those who sell here and there and are just starting out that I have.

And now for a more convoluted sentence...

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