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er, dedicated neighborhood

And dedicated city.

As a side thought to my previous entry:

We have a dedicated group of folks up here on the hill. Usually it's a good thing, but when they get a cause they really get a cause.

For example, we have a house a few streets down which has been abadoned. A man (a doctor or a lawyer, can't remember which) and his wife were divorced, splitting everything 50/50. He has refused to sell the house because he doesn't want her to get anything from the sale (or even from rent). He won't even sell it for a dollar -- one of our friends and neighbors who rents in addition to his day job offered. So. No one is living or caring for the house.

And of course weeds grew and trees needed pruning and grass wasn't watered and the neighborhood full of manicured yards decided the place was an atrocity. Which, depending on your POV, could be true.

They tried passing around petitions at Neighborhood Watch picnics and other functions to get the city to raise hell with the owner. We, of course, refused to sign. We didn't think this particular situation was our business. In any event, finally the city came and cleaned the place up and charged the owner to do so.

Anyway, we have a dedicated neighborhood. Which is fine, but I worry that someday things will go too far. People who believe they're right and the other guy is awful, evil, and wrong are scary. And occasionally dangerous.

So we're talking about cleaning up yards. Not so scary, really. But what about other issues?

Currently they're trying to close down some shops, like lingerie shops because, of course, they're related to porn. Right? One such shop did close down that was located down town, and it had been there forever. We have people trying to close down a local themed bed and breakfast because, God forbid, people might go there and HAVE SEX!!!

Anyway. Does this make any sense? Any of the last two entries?

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