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over the weekend, and beyond

Winter's new apartment came through yesterday, so he moved out last night. He's very excited. I'm very excited for him.

Rice was notified Tuesday that he needed to be back north this morning, so he, too, left last night.

The J-Spot and K-Spot are busy with the K-Spot's sister's wedding.

The house is quite empty, and the boys and I are falling back into our old routine from last winter quite nicely. It was a little odd at first, the though that I'd essentially be left alone again, but I've remembered how to do it, and it's been a good seventeen hours.

Over the weekend, we hit the Eastern Idaho State Fair. It was okay. It was pretty fun. But now I've been and I don't need to go back any time soon.

Rice and I, thanks to the J-Spot and K-Spot, had a night to ourselves on Monday. We were both feeling a little brain dead, so we decided to go see a couple of movies and get some ice cream. We saw Lady in the Water and The Lake House.

Lady in the Water was wonderful. Truly fabulous, and I enjoyed every moment of it. The Lake House was also quite enjoyable. It's certainly one of those movies where you do your best to avoid considering some of the logical issues and just enjoy the story for what it is. It was also very cool to see an aging Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves in the leading romantic couple roles.

It was funny, though. I kept thinking of Mr. Anthropology and something about another time and place. I'll have to write about him. Someday.

Funnily enough, there were two previews for Lady in the Water before The Lake House. (We saw Lady in the Water first.) I turned to Rice and said, "Wow -- do you think someone wanted us to see that movie?" And then there was a, "Wow -- what movie was that?"

Of course, we had seen previews for Lady in the Water Twice before, once at V for Vendetta and once at Superman Returns, and we knew the preview we saw was not representative of Lady in the Water, but it was even more so apparent after just seeing the movie. Watching the previews was definitely a "What movie was that?" sort of moment.

I encourage you to definitely see Lady in the Water, and go with an open mind. And enjoy it. And you could do worse than seeing The Lake House, but again, go with an open mind, enjoy yourself, and don't pick apart the big glaring plot issues. Just smile and tell yourself, "I'm going to see a sweet movie" and sigh. You'll be happier if you do :D.

I haven't forgotten the questions from TheCalifornian, a.k.a. TheFloridian, and Reenie. I'm still getting to them.

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