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I have a friend who is all about Olivia Newton John. She's crazy about Grease and Xanadu, which is, as a matter of fact, pretty much her favorite movie. She revealed this to her husband and had him watch it with her just before their marriage went south, and ended in divorce.

Honestly, I think there's a link there.

Not that I've ever watched Xanadu. I've just heard about it. Maybe I should watch it so I can speak with authoritay.

Our local NPR station (which so rocks) puts together a show on Saturday nights that's compiled of old 8-track recordings. Tonight they're focusing on Olivia Newton John, and


How to say this?

Grease makes me cringe. Honestly it does. I know, I know. How can I not like Grease? Everyone and their gerbal likes Grease. Really, it's probably because of bad high school associations more than anything else. But that, little ones, is a story for another time.

And while I'm confessing, I think that roasted red peppers may be one of the world's perfect foods.


Today while LD and I were out grocery shopping our local NPR station (I love the NPR, can you tell?) was airing a show (PRI Sounds Eclectic, I believe) that was completely fringe music, at least in this part of the world. They were playing The Decemberists, for crying out loud. They also played a pretty nice cover of Echo and the Bunnyman's "Killing Moon".


Did you know banana squash makes a really good pie?

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