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The westernized version of karma is a lovely thing (I understand the traditional version is a little more complex) -- do a good turn, and it comes back around. Do a bad turn, and well, bad stuff comes back and bites you in the trunk.

A lot of us who read this journal are in the publishing business just because of the fact that we're writers. Some of the people who read this are literally in the publishing business. For example, Two Cranes Press and Shimmer are both represented.

But some of the publishers who buy our stories and provide great stories by other authors for us to read are having a hard time. So frequently the publishers are putting their own money into producing the 'zines and anthologies, and that is an expensive proposition. If the money isn't flowing back into the publishers, eventually they can no longer produce their product. And if they don't produce their product there are less markets to buy our stories, and to publish great stories for us to read. (Basic logic, right?)

Though I've been aware of this for a while, I have been thinking of this more intently for a couple of weeks, ever since reading that even the big guys are dealing with financial concerns. And of course this means the little guys are, too. (And I've heard some specific rumblings along this line lately, too.)

I love the small press. I have a soft spot for it. I don't tend to submit to the big guys, I submit to the small press, the weird little markets that produce really cool stuff. I've heard it said we're in the golden age of the small press right now (at least for speculative fiction); I'd like to believe this is true. But this won't continue if they don't have the funds.

I would like to encourage you all to occasionally try to more regularly purchase from the big guys and the little guys. Have an extra five or six bucks or whatever? (Yeah, I know what I'm saying here.) Buy a copy of of any one of the fine publications available for your enjoyment. Besides, if you have a good idea of what a market produces, you'll also be more likely to be published there.

And finally, the Christmas season is almost upon us. Subscriptions make fine gifts, especially for those of us who are particularly hard to buy for. And don't forget word of mouth. I think I ended up having five people (beyond myself) who bought a copy of Scattered, Covered, Smothered (again from Two Cranes Press) who bought a copy because I said, "Hey, there's this cool anthology out and you'd probably like it." Five may not seem like a lot, but it's better than zero. Besides, that's five people reading and enjoying stuff they might not otherwise.

Feel free to make comments on any publications you all are fond of (whether it be because you love what they do, or you want to pimp your own stuff ;)) so we can have recommendations on some cool stuff to buy and read.

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