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october movies

In preparation for October, the J-Spot and I watched The Lost Boys and My Best Friend is a Vampire, which, while not being the best movie ever made in the '80's, wasn't the worst, either. And the cast is a kick to watch (a young Robert Sean Leonard, Kathy Bates, and Fanny Flagg). In fact, a majority of the cast has gone on to do many, many other projects.

To balance out our vampire camp, I also have Lust for Life.

We're not all mindlessness here. *

I suspect when the spots move out there will be a lot less movie watching on my part. This may be best.

But in the meantime, I may want to consider getting some Sherlock Holmes. And reading some, too. (*GUSH*) When some free time rears its head.


What are your favorite movies to watch this time of year?

*But I'm convinced a little mindlessness is a good thing right now. Distractions are good, sometimes. A local toddler has died from what may be kidney failure resulting from E. coli. (Someone fed him a spinach smoothie.) And a young teenager from the high school just down the hill was murdered while house sitting over the weekend. A lot to take in. Especially since the murder may possibly have connections to another murder (a cousin of mine) that occurred two years ago on Thursday.

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