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not responsible

Avadore is obviously feeling better. Instead of me going into his room to wake him up at about 6:45, he was in my room at 6:00. "Mom, it's time to get up."

Uh huh.

While Avadore showered, I made his breakfast. (His latest favorite: "A cheese sandwich, hot (i.e. a grilled cheese sandwich), chocolate milk (i.e. Chocolate Ovaltine), and regular milk" (i.e. plain old from the gallon container).)

I need a copy-editor for my online journal.

Or is that on-line?

So, of course, because I'm all brilliant and awake and stuff (not so much a morning person here), I had my tea next to the glass I was preparing Avadore's Ovaltine in. And, of course, because I'm all brilliant and awake and stuff, I put some of the Ovaltine in my tea. And, of course, since I'm all brilliant and awake and all of those lovely sorts of things, I didn't exactly really notice until my tasted a wee bit ... funny. But the tea was peach, so the chocolate wasn't so bad. I can't say I'm going to do it again, however. At least not on purpose.

Part of me wants to go back to bed (I'm trying to catch the kids' cold), and the other half of me wants to take the time while Avadore is in school and LD is asleep (he was up at 6:15, but just went back to sleep about fifteen minutes ago) and write.

Even the cat is napping on the couch...

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