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I just got back from Avadore's parent-teacher conference.

Essentially his brain needs to be rewired. It's not organizing things as it should, or categorizing, or classifying. The speech therapist said it was if all the information was just thrown onto a computer without the use of files, directories, etc., so Avadore has to sort through to find the correct information, but just pulls out whatever comes up. And she shows signs of his brain switching back and forth, as in while doing a task they watch the brain going back and forth between sides while trying to function on one particular subject/task/whatever.

So we have to step back and start over on some stuff.

Oddly enough, he is advanced in terms of other skills, like building and mathematical skills, as long as it doesn't involve counting.

Obviously, there's problems there that aren't just related to speech, and though we're working hard on these things, his teachers are trying to refrain from labeling him with any sort of learning disability, etc., so that he's not labeled as he goes through school.

I have lots of stuff to work on him with, but I wish I knew more, had more background, so I knew exactly all that I was trying to accomplish. I wish I knew exactly what to watch for. I wish there was someone who wasn't in a hurry who could sit with me and work with me so I can work with him.

And this is the ironic part. Up until the early '90's, my father was one of the leading specialists in childhood development. He wrote, what was at one time (and still was in the early '90's), the curriculum for teaching blind children. He would have known what to do and how to help me up until he was injured and suffered some severe brain damage. And now it's catch as catch can.

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