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spark electric grandmother
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-- Lon Prater
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caring for your introvert

I am Maggie, and I am an introvert.

Some cool links:

The humorous article from The Atlantic Monthly, courtesy of Winter.

"Introverts of the World, Unite!".

Some interesting stuff on the differences between the introvert and extrovert brain.

I seem to recall Winter sending me an article that suggests introverts find themselves a sympathetic extrovert to deal with those other extroverts who don't understand introverts. I'm ahead of the game -- I already have me a Rice.

I need a sign that says, "Introvert Recuperating".

Note: As an aside, I do enjoy spending time with people. There are many people I really enjoy visiting with -- we have wonderful, fulfilling, lovely conversations I really enjoy. At the same time, there are people that do drain me, but those are usually people out in the community and I try to limit my time with them. These are the people I wish would just, please, be quiet for a moment. Just for, you know, all those people reading this who are in my life and are wondering if I'm talking about them and would just, you know, like them to shut up. No, these articles are not a message for you. I just thought they were interesting and clever, as the case may be.

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