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six more things

The Creator has tagged me for six more things.

What? The original six weren't weird enough? :)

Here we go again:

1) I am technically a high school drop out. I dropped out so I could start college early, and take really cheap college classes. (They were $25.00 a credit for high school students. You can't beat that. I took a lot of classes, including western civilization from a man who reminded me of a hopped up Watson...) I also graduated three months after the rest of my class, was accepted to college the next day as a transfer student, and started classes the following day. It was a Thursday. (A lot of people didn't understand the academic plan and felt bad for me.)

2) My favorite place to hang out in high school, next to my bedroom, was my grandparent's house. Evidently this was weird; none of my other cousins felt this way. They missed a lot of good times.

3) I tend to attract interesting people. I don't know if this is just because I find most people interesting, or if there's truly something about me, but let's just say I haven't spent a lot of time with your average Idaho housewife. I mean, as a freshman in college, I went out on a date with a guy who thought he was a prophet. Several years later his face was all over the tabloids and his family was appearing on one of those wild talk shows because he'd decided his toddler son was also a prophet, and things had gotten, erm, out of hand. I went out with him as a favor to his sixteen-year-old brother, who was also a freshman, another interesting character.

4) I used to eat watermelon with pepper on it. It wasn't that it tasted great, though it wasn't bad -- my father's extended family just thought it was incredibly odd, so I kept doing it. They thought I was a pretty odd kid anyway, so I figured I might as well just fuel the flame, as it were.

5) I recently saw Blue Velvet for the first time. I laughed more than I was freaked out. How wrong is that?

6) I know few here are going to find this weird, but my house is filled with books. A lot of people find this horribly odd. My MIL used to constantly try to talk me into putting most of them into boxes, into storage. How could I need or use all these books regularly? People come over, see just the ones in the living room and say, "Have you read all these books?" Someday I'm going to do something silly like pull a line from Neil Gaiman and say, "No, no. We don't read them -- they're decorations. We buy them in panels at Pier One."

When doing these things, I have a method for tagging people. I tag people who tend to run in particular blog groups, knowing then that by tagging one person a whole bunch of others will get tagged. So, for example, if I tag Netter, I know people like Reenie and Eric will probably get tagged.

But let's do it differently this time. The next six people to read this post can post their answers, or their journal address, in my comments. Happy weirding.

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