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-- Lon Prater
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one thing about being an only child

is that one wouldn't have to worry about being the family screw up.1 You would automatically lose that title by default, theoretically. (I mean, I suppose one's mother could decide her sister was the family screw up, or her husband, but it would be easier to miss the more nuclear family title.)

Me? I got lucky. I ended up with six brothers in the end.2

1 Rice, for example, is the only son of an only son. He can't screw up, no matter what he does, and never could. He is Teh Golden Child. (Not that he's a screw up anyway, mind you. It just makes it harder for his family to decide he's done something weird. Even when he does something that could potentially rip the fabric of time and space, according to his mother, in the end she decides it was a really good decision.)

2 Yes, this is a lack of sleep talking. If I had enough regular sleep I probably never would have actually posted this out loud. But we're being honest here, so there you are.


The normally perky Electric Grandmother show will return at its regular station and time later today.

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