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Okay, I admit it -- I'm not perfect with my grammar. I'm really not. I need to spend some more time with Strunk and White, I'm aware of this. And I know that sometimes I make some really horrible mistakes when writing, like in my journal, for example.


Avadore brought home his speech homework for the week. He is now working on the "F" sound, which is very exciting. He has progressed to the point they've added another sound for him to work on, beyond the original planned five.

The page has several pictures, like feet and fight and face, with the word written below the face. The speech therapist has had Avadore working on the words and sounds within the contexts of sentences for the past month. Usually he and I make these up. Today she added the sentences we were to work on herself. So, for example, she wrote, "A very happy" to go with the face. We also had, "A very fun" for fight, and so on.

And then I got to feet, for which we are to recite: "A very stinky feet."

Not the, not some, not foot.

As if the kid doesn't have enough trouble as it is :). Oh well. I'm sure he and I will figure it out.


I also tend to be horrified at the notes Avadore brings home from his teacher. Now, I'm all for informal writing styles, that's cool, but these are really "informal" letters. Grammar is poor, spelling is sometimes, erm... not quite right, and the sentence structure is appalling. And I'm not an English major.

It would really please me if my kids could be taught to write, when the time comes, by people who know how to.


LD has followed his brother's footsteps and has become a little techy geek. This morning, upon waking, he went downstairs, turned on the TV, the VCR and popped in a Blues Clues tape, and pressed play. Nineteen months folks -- this is why we turned of the TV signal. No naked Dennis Franz at ten in the morning for my kids. About an hour ago, LD turned on the stereo to the radio, and now he's just switched it over to the CD player.

He's going to be troubleshooting my computer before long.

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