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The fall of 1995 was the beginning of my sophomore year of college.

Two big things happened: First, Rice and I solidified the hooking up that had begun the previous spring. Secondly, I changed my major to anthropology from an assortment of other majors that had occurred the previous year (because the university was run by a bunch of people who were exceptional at clicking the wrong keys).

And there was some good music. I remember Live's Throwing Copper was pretty much all over the place, as were The Presidents of the United States of America. (I couldn't go anywhere without someone listening to one of their songs.) And I also remember Pulp, who popped up with a song called "Common People", which was, of course, remade in 2004 by William Shatner.

You know you've made it when Captain Kirk covers your songs.

And Pulp continued to pop up on movie soundtracks (like Great Expectations, Trainspotting).

And they did some other great songs, though a good portion of them never made it over here, i.e. the US.

But, of course, eventually as a part of the the Britpop movement they should have been a little bit hard to miss. Right?

Evidently they were. They came up today in conversation with Rice, partially because of this nostalgia thing, and he had no idea who they were. We were together all the time. He didn't miss The Presidents (who all his friends were in to), and he didn't miss Live.1

It's funny how something can become part of an era for one person (Pulp is a big piece of the '90's for me) and be completely missing for someone else.

And maybe it's the chick thing. I mean, if you're into really thin pale men with dark hair and lovely accents, how could you miss Jarvis Cocker?

Please, someone tell me I wasn't the only one who noticed. Except for YouTube and Shatner, I would wonder if I'd dreamt it all...

1 Winter, too, has no idea who they are. He says it's because he was listening to a lot of NIN at the time.

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