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-- Lon Prater
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what i do

on a Saturday.

Way back in the mid to late nineties, Rice would get ready for work in the morning by watching TV. He didn't watch it much at night; he was a morning re-runs watcher. So, you know, there was ER on TNT for a while, or MASH on FX for a time, and there was also a period where he watched Sisters on Lifetime.

And then there was the Steve period, where Rice would watch some Blues Clues in the morning. This is way before we had children of any sort, but Rice dug Blue, and I teased him about the non-sexual crush he had on Steve. (This had come from some silly conversation we'd had while driving somewhere -- don't recall where, maybe Salt Lake -- where Rice was saying something about running away with Steve, and it took me forever to figure out who he meant.)

And okay, it's true. Occasionally, I watched Steve, too.

We all sat around and watched when Steve left Blues Clues. Avadore had just been born, so evidently we didn't have that much to do.

In any event, Steve Burns affirms you.

He sort of reminds me of the Mr. Rogers of my generation in this way.

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