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simple things

For Christmas Eve dinner we ate like kings. We had three kinds of cheese, a roasted red pepper cheese spread, hummus, nuts, baby carrots, mandarin oranges, apples, crackers, tortilla chips, chocolate, fudge, baklava, and apple cider. This is high living folks. It was the best.

Guess what we're having for breakfast. That's right -- leftovers.

And we never even hit the chocolate peanut butter ice cream or hot chocolate.

Afterwards we opened presents. And oh, the glorious presents. I got some books, and a CD, and a cooler for my laptop, and about a million AA batteries. Oh, the joy and pleasure. And a butter bell. I am the proud owner of an ivory colored butter bell. And oh, the things it will do to my butter.

And Rice is fond of his CDs and books, too. I immediately lost him to his books.

And the children are in love with their presents, too. William didn't even get to opening his truck yet. He played with his puzzle and dinosaurs for a long time, and then was ready for bed.

Do you catch the theme? We keep things really simple around here. And the simple things make us happy. We were basking in the glory of our books and music and such, and Rice pointed out what most of the world would think if we said, "Oh, what a great Christmas! I got some books, and some CDs." But us? Oh, we revel in the books, and the music, and other such simple, lovely things.

But I figure it's a good thing. If nothing else, it doesn't break the bank, and gives us more money to do other more worthwhile things with.

After we opened presents we discussed Christmas, and what we're supposed to be thinking about while we're coveting a toy fire truck. Mostly we talked with Avi about being a good guy, and how we're all trying to be good guys, and not bad guys.

And I can't wait for breakfast -- more cheese, and fruit, and crackers, and chocolate. And hot chocolate. There will be special hot chocolate for breakfast. And maybe even ice cream.

I hope you all had such a lovely evening.

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