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-- Lon Prater
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ringing in the new year

I may actually be doing this by myself. Rice has caught the stomach 'flu, as has LD. (This was all bound to happen; everyone else within the next 60 miles and so on are all getting it.) And that's not so bad, to sip some egg nog and read a book, and notice when it's midnight. Unless I get tired before that, of course, and go to bed.

The original plan was to watch some movies, starting with Strings, and then moving on to some other sci-fi flicks, like Alien Nation, which I have never seen.

At one time I had suggested a Firefly marathon, but we found something at the local Hollyweird, so there you are. (The other option was to watch Little Miss Sunshine and Sideways, so we may have to have that double feature another night.)

And I am afraid the peanut butter chocolate ice cream I got for Christmas may linger in the freezer for another day. We just can't get around to eating it. And how sad is that?

Happy New Year, all.

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