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gelato as a socialist plot

Today I went into the city to work, and then went into the East Bay to help my friend check out potential places to live. And then, joy of joys, we met up with a dear friend and his son and we had gelato, for Ray Bradbury. Yesterday, when planning this out, my dear friend commented that Ray Bradbury might have considered gelato a socialist plot, but that eating gelato and being together would probably make us both feel better.

I ate FOUR different kinds of gelato, and they were all delicious.

And it was wonderful being with friends.

My dear friend needs a name. He's one of those kindred spirit sort of folks, and I probably will write about him here and there.

My other friend probably does, too.

Of course, considering very few read this blog anymore, and it is fairly anonymous, I could probably just use their first names. But what's the fun in that? Also, I'm all for privacy and protection on the interwebz.

But now it's time for lasagne, which is always a fine way to end the day, and a cup of herbal tea.

And I'll read the Coyote some Bradbury because he wants to read more.

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