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This has nothing to do with China, but I just have to register my EXTREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEME frustration at the fact that mid-Michigan is under a BLIZZARD warning - the first blizzard warning in how many years? Twenty? Why THIS year, Mother Nature? Why could you not have held your snowy, blowy breath for another year, so I could frolic in the snow, too??

I'm trying to console myself (as are many of you, I'm sure) with the thought that the National Weather Service always promises more than it can deliver. To reassure myself, I decided to check out the Beaumont Tower webcam. I didn't know the URL, so I went to the MSU home page to find it, and this, THIS, THIS!!!! is what I saw:

"MSU suspends classes Feb. 2; only essential staff should report

Michigan State University is suspending classes Wednesday, Feb. 2, for students at its East Lansing campus because of the blizzard conditions forecast for the region. At midnight, Feb. 2, MSU will switch to emergency procedures per the university's emergency operations plan. Critical functions will be maintained, and only employees supporting those critical functions are expected to report to work Feb. 2.

AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH! When was the last time this happened? Was it really 1978, as I think it was?

Oh, cruel fate.

Le sigh.

So for once, dear friends, in this matter of snow, I am on the same page with you - I hope the storm passes you by.

(My sole consolation is that the webcam shows a lack of snow so far, at least.)

Coming to you live from Harbin, China, where the weather report calls for an expected high today of a balmy 12 degrees F, and unremitting sunshine, as usual . . .

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