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Just some random thoughts, quickly, before I rush out the door to go to my TESOL class.

1. The class is fun, as I thought it would be . . . but if this population of students is any indication, then the people who come over here to teach for long stretches of time are . . . unusual. For example: two of the five people in the class refuse to eat Chinese food. Now, I can understand why vacationers might not want to, but if you're planning to live here? Really?

2. I am farfarfarfarFAR too busy. 8:00-4:00 and then 8-10 hours in the evening and weekends is gonna do me in. Or make me stronger. One of the two.

3. China continues to delight me. Here are some scenes of the coming spring, and also a random shot from Wal-Mart (where I took one of the guys who can't eat Chinese food):



(Yes, those flowers are fake.)

Dancing in the park:



Ah, China. Gotta love it. Where else can you buy 20-lb bags of MSG? And in the washing machine aisle, no less?

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