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And it's still China
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Well. Spent the evening at the river with two teachers, who came with me to help me carry stuff home; I went to one of the European markets to shop for our American dinner next week. It was totally worth going (the river always is), but it's late and this has to be brief.

Had a wonderful moment today in class. We were teaching rhythm and phrasing in speech, and yesterday when we were planning the lesson, I suggested that I bring in the song, "I'll Never Find Another You," by The Seekers. My suggestion was met by titters of derision from my fellow teachers.

And what happened? The classes totally loved it. My teaching partner has a video of 20-odd aeronautic engineers, mathematicians, physicists, systems engineers singing along to the song. After class, two men - MEN, mind you - came up and told me how beautiful it was, and asked if I could send it to them.

I love this country. People are so sweet. You encounter very little cynicism, and lots and lots of sincere positive emotion. I think I'm going to miss that when I go home . . .

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