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Random thoughts:

The internet is fast, and the air is fresh.

Why does it take so long to unpack? It's a matter of clean-unpack-clean . . . partly because I left my room in a mess.

I'm moving into new electronic spaces, too. I jumped into my new Android phone with both feet, immediately: I didn't know about Android before. But I have computer issues to deal with.

I also have phone number issues. The nice young gentleman in Best Buy who was "helping" me managed to give me a 734 number, which will not work. I'm trying to find a block of free time to spend on hold while I try to get that resolved.

I rode my bike to work today. Mmmm, mmmmm. It was a beautiful day, and a stunning ride.



I missed it here, I really missed it here . . . it feels good to be back.

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