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* Apparently nothing's wrong with my car, even though it wouldn't start for me yesterday. (The BYM's diagnosis, after it behaved for him: "Nut behind the wheel." *whap*)

* Eric Leigh's The Dark-Light of Spring, today's poem at Wow.

* Plans for next week's trip to Boston more in place. Apologies to everyone I haven't contacted/will miss -- there's a lot of you, frankly, and I've far too little brain at the moment (as witnessed by the car episode above, plus forgetting my purse in a parking lot earlier this week, etc.), so much as I want to see you, I need to defer it to a future sally up north. God may look out for fools and madwomen, but I'd rather not push Him any further on the issue than I already have. *rueful smile*

* I've been following the national passport debacle with a fair amount of interest, in part because one of my colleagues ended up spending her vacation in Puerto Rico instead of France thanks to her sister's passport not getting processed in time. Not a happy thing, that.

* Quoted in Paula Backscheider's Reflections on Biography: "To write accurate biography, one has to acquire vast amounts of collateral historical knowledge and then to know that 90% of it is collateral, and be ready to jettison it." - Jay Martin.

Applicable to so many other things, of course. Onwards.

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