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Out & About endorsements for Nashville's upcoming Metro government elections (early voting begins next Friday):

Mayor - David Briley
Vice Mayor - Diane Neighbors
Council-At-Large - Megan Barry, Brady Banks, Peter Westerholm, Richard Exton, and Jerry Maynard.

(Religion notes: Barry is a member of my church. Banks is a graduate of Harvard Div.)

The paper also notes that the TN Democratic Party's Delegate Selection Plan for the 2008 DNC is expected to include at least two GLBT members. (Total group will be 85 delegates + 11 alternates.)

Business notes: is relocating its HQ to Nashville; Nashville's GLBT Chamber of Commerce appears to be going strong.

More religion notes -- the issue profiled three GLBT-welcoming Christian churches in Nashville:

  • Covenant of the Cross (which was founded in my neighborhood but have since relocated to Madison) is 60% GL, 40% "children, straight, bisexual, asexual and those who have no clue about their sexuality. We are an affirming congregation. But not just to the GLBT community. We are 'people affirming.'" (Statement by Pastor Greg Bullard.)

    Another thought-provoking quote from Pastor Bullard: "We never want anybody to be friendly. We want everyone to be 'warm.' There is a difference. You are only friendly to those you are friends with. Being warm embraces everyone."

  • Church of the Living Water - 50% gay, 50% straight. (Pastor Tony Sirten emphasizes that the church welcomes straight members as well as gay - "reverse discrimination" was a problem in the early days.)

  • Woodland Presbyterian has become a "More Light" congregation, making Nashville "one of a very few cities, particularly in the south, with multiple More Light congregations.

  • Yes, I love where I live.

    In other news, this week's Nashville Scene has a feature on my neighborhood. I neither get nor dig the East vs. West vibe, but I do like the West Side Story poster-allusion.

    Totally zonked from staying up most of the night to push forrader on the damn writing, but there be blessings a-many, including:

    * Kass quoting Merwin.

    * More Sills. (Koechlin's "Si tu le veux.")

    * Thanks to Miss Kitty's, the dog no longer reeks. :-)

    * Pesto! Not the best batch ever (leaves a bit too old and bitter), but still -- pesto!

    * Pumpkin-ginger cookies

    * Jean-Baptiste Lully

    * Plans for chamber choir, conferences, and other mayhem.

    * Naps. Of which I need another, after supper, and then it's back to the next thousand words.

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