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Thou didst clothe thyself in light as with a garment...
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So, that meme about one's 42nd entry reflecting the theme of one's life? Kvetching about feeling like a denim-clad pear is still the order of the day, I fear. I was so excited about splurging on a new dress last week, but when I tried it on this morning, it pooched out in the wrong spots and the hem looks cheap. So I'll have to return it... *grumble*

Hrmph. Lessee, good stuff:

* The husband surprised me with earrings last week, which I wore today. The man has good taste.

* There's a new cafe in Nashville called Fat Straw that's going to be specializing in bubble tea and sushi. Eee!

* In the same article: the White Trash Cafe has gone no-smoking.

* BPAL goodies from Lore yesterday. I'm currently wearing Juliet.

* Picked up Shekhina from the library.

* Tomatoes from one neighbor, catfish from another. I need to dive into some baking or candymaking once I get clear of this current crush of work.

* Speaking of which: fifty pages turned in this morning. Whew. Tackled a bunch of QA and production items at the office and came home fully intending to work some more, and then crashed out cold. Some naps just won't be denied.

In the middle of a couple of critiques and a bagatelle, then it's back to the stuff that pays for the groceries. But first, catfish and basil and chai. :-)

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