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Et je cours / Je me raccroche a la vie
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Good things:

* Just transmitted script D to the client. Whew.

* Total billable hours for the week: 76. I'm looking forward to the check, since it ought to cover not only the Balzac-ean quantities of caffeine I inhaled this week, but also a miscellaneous scheme or two...

* Woke up from a too-vivid dream of meeting up with an old unrequited crush in Alabama. That wasn't so much fun, but I think it may be the start of a short story. That feels good.

* The dog, she is so huggable. The man, il est tres adorable.

* Jesse Green's New York Times profile of John Travolta and how he thought about and through his role for Hairspray.

* Notes from friends.

* William Maxwell, in a letter to Michael Collier (quoted in A William Maxwell Portrait: "God knows there's much to grieve over and only a general agreement that we must get on with it prevents us from giving ourselves over to sorrow. And to joy."

Time for some lunch, and then I need to hit the library and dive back into the Other Project.

[Subject line: "And I run / I catch hold of life." My favorite line from Daniel Balavoine's "Tous Les Cris, Le SOS," a French pop classic that's covered a lot -- a search on YouTube for "tous les cris" will bring many of 'em up.]

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