Allez, venez et entrez dans la danse

suffice thee thy good though it be small
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* Tea tree toothpicks.

* France Gall ("Papillon de nuit," etc.). Ouias, I have terrible taste in music, but it got me through what work I managed yesterday. ;-)

* A couple of friends called us over for homemade pizza: dough rolled from scratch, fresh mozzarrella, purple basil from their garden. Absolute yumminess (plus they have two sweet doggies and are just a lot of fun -- one works in library outreach and the other was mid-carve on a lino commission).

* Hearing from some other friends.

* The BYM likes Asphodel. (We've had some misses over the past week.)

* Did a bit more research for a new poem and started a sonnet. Second quatrain isn't gelling yet, but there's already been one rhyme that made me dance after I locked into it, so I'm hopeful. Eager to get back to it after-iffen I get through the "must do"s part of the day.

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