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sans un mot, sans une gomme qui efface
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I have been somewhat out of sorts since mid-week thanks to a pulled back muscle, a brain refusing to run on all cylinders, and other nuisances. However, I was able to spend some of that time singing and cooking (vegetable soup to deal with leftovers, fried rice for a birthday party), and there have been other pleasures:

  • The latest issue of Boxcar Poetry Review included mention of a new book by Camille Dungy. I am excited by this, because I was blown away by "The Preachers Eat Out" when I first read it several years ago.

  • Received an acceptance limerick from Defenestration for two poems. (Stubbornness triumphant!)

  • Revised some other poems and sent them out.

  • Fried green tomatoes at the Alley Cat.

  • The library hosted a presentation by Red Pine/Bill Porter yesterday. Not all his generalisations were to my taste, but it was an interesting presentation and a diverse crowd. His comments included a claim that "translation is to dance with your feet on top of somebody else's feet" and that translation "takes a solo dancer and multiplies them"; his observation that "every [Chinese] dynasty that was overthrown was done in by a Taoist movement" prompted an elderly woman in the audience to ask (in very plaintive tones) "are there any Taoist movements in the United States?"

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