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* Not sick yet. *knocks on dining room table*

* My dictionaries. Although it didn't have ventripotence, Random House Unabridged E2 did yield to me lurdan, a noun and adjective referring to that which is lazy, stupid, or loutish. Middle English, c. 1250-1300, from Middle French lourdin (dullard), related to lourd (heavy, dull)...

* Didn't need an all-nighter to finish prepping for yesterday's meeting. The meeting itself went into extra innings, but my drafts passed review, and that's what counts.

* Jean-Jacques Goldman, still. "C'est Pas Vrai" is better than caffeine.

* My grade school classmate Neal is also a Unitarian Universalist lay preacher. His sermon "Water and Stone Soup" is now up at (On an utterly tangential note, one of my favorite memories from 7th grade "Language Arts" is of Neal playing Gollum in a book report skit.)

* David Clewell's poem, Albert Einstein Held Me in His Arms.

* Working on sonnets. I may be the most uncoordinated biped this side of a tennis net, but every now and then I come up with a rhyme or phrase that makes me think, "Oh, that is what it must feel like to hit a winner." *glee*

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