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the fruit and fruitbat edition
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The fruitbattery: does anyone here know if tomatoes past their prime become hallucinogenic? I'm actually serious here - I ate some organic yellow cherry tomatoes last night that were definitely off (so much that I threw out the rest of the pint - I'd picked out the ones that had turned really ooky, but even the okay-looking ones ended up tasting Not Right), and when I went to bed I had my worst nightmares in recent memory. I can't even remember what in the hell specifically terrified me about the lot, other than thinking mid-cauchemar that "this must be what a really bad LSD hit would feel like." Unlike my usual anxiety-control-freak-on-a-hamster-wheel-fests, these were massively unpleasant sensory-wise rather than via content. I literally, physically felt like someone three hundred pounds was sitting on my upper back, pressing me to death. Yeurgggh!

Misbehaving subconscious aside, I'm actually in a decent mood - way, way, WAY behind schedule today, but I've spent the morning knotting up an assortment of loose ends just enough that I won't feel them whipping me toward a meltdown.

The fruit tidbit is from this morning's New York Times: "[The indoor pomegranate tree] can pollinate itself, so you might well get fruit if you stir the inside of each blossom with a soft-bristle paintbrush." Something about that tickles me. :-)

Must go! Hugs to all y'all.

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