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running on fuming and fumes
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The fuming: I have a lot I'm itching to say about predatory pushy Christians, but most of it is far too impolite and/or impolitic to post here. For now, I will say this: I've written "synagogue" across an envelope, I'm putting a dollar into it each time I run into evangelist-triggered fallout, and there's already $25 in there as a result of the past four days.

The fumes: I could use a real day off right now, but it's not looking like there'll be room for that this week. On the bright side, spending time with mom invariably reminds me that both my stamina and my obsessive-compulsive tendencies are genetic. Be very afraid, y'all, because if I manage to live into my sixties, it's entirely likely I'll still have the energy of an unholy terror. ;-)

Some eeps:
* Dog with dying bird in its mouth. YUCK.
* The mire of "oh, geez, was I really that lame/clueless/immature/dense"-esque thoughts that tend to swamp me when I can't help thinking about, say, high school. Not to mention some of the less-happy partnerships and projects since.
* The salad from the cancer center cafe. Next time I try the library, I think.
* The lunchtime karaoke in the cancer center plaza. Another reason to escape to the library.
* The BYM has just discovered that the dog's rear paws are ticklish. As the other ticklish female in the household, my sympathy is wholly with the dog on this one.

Some good things:
* Dog generally obedient and very affectionate upon my return.
* Still lame/clueless/immature/dense all too often, but not near as much as before.
* Fit in a bit of letter-writing and some other longstanding items on the to-do list.
* Spoke more Taiwanese than English the past four days, which was mentally tiring but satisfying. I had an "a-ha!" moment when mom was telling me the phrase for recharging a cell phone (which I currently don't remember) and I realized that since "den" means "electricity," and the word for "word" is "wei," the term for telephone ("den wei") means "electric words." Which I'm geeky enough to find really cool.

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