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"the only toxin / is time"
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[Subject line from Lynda Hull's "Preparing the Estate Sale."]

I've spent 2/3 of the past 24 hours asleep, which is either my body warding off a would-be cold and/or reacting to allergens stirred up by yesterday's housecleaning efforts. The downside is that the work I'd hoped to be done with by now still needs doing. The upside is that my head feels much more clear than it did when I hit the sofa, which means the work will get done more quickly and with less caffeine/sugar required.

Also, some good things:
* Tried a Joy of Cooking recipe for braised lamp chops that turned out well (used sake in lieu of white wine), although the BYM observed that shoulder chops don't yield much meat.
* Some fun conversations in today's Coming of Age opening class (I'm a mentor this year). Met some of the newer members of the church, and it would appear there are quite a few sushi fiends in the crew.
* A bonus neckrub from my favorite drummer. (Victoria is hilarious. The first time she encountered me outside of a gig or rehearsal, she said, "I didn't recognize you from the front!")
* The chives in my planter have revived.
* Two poems revised and submitted.

Onwards! (Workout, supper, and then work. Something like that.)

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