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great rest standeth in little business
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I'm excited: I started mulling over a pair of promising new poem-starts during this afternoon's errand-go-round, and I'm going to treat myself to an evening of batting them around before I return to billable stuff.

Also, some errands got done, and in the doing, I took a closer look at the Green Hills Kroger "international" aisle. I needed a can of wasabi peas for a photo shoot (and the "Pocky Chocolate Crush" I'm currently noshing on came from a K&S run earlier this week), but I also picked up a tin of Devon custard, and should I require a firsthand encounter with Weetabix, Marmite, Bovril, PG Tips, wine gums, or Scottish oats -- not to mention English mustard, lemon curd, and the like -- they are now not out of my way.

The guild I belong to is going to be featured on local television tomorrow (channel 4, 6:50 a.m.). Two of my pieces are in the current show at Centennial, so who knows, maybe they'll show up on air. Odds are likely they won't, but I should be working on newer pieces anyhow. Some other night...

(The to-write list is longer than two poems, of course, and there are also some lightweight library books that would go well with a thimble of sake and a round of jazz on the stereo. Oh, I can barely wait to get home today! The only reason I'm not yet there is because this nutter I sometimes work with has peering out the window every half-hour to see whether his car is on fire, so I promised to follow him home just in case it does follow through on its threats to combust...)

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