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"a peace of thine/ Man did not make and cannot mar"
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[Subject line from Matthew Arnold]

Step-dancing has been demoted to the "Not For Now" list, alas - my inner ten-year-old is pouting, but my back currently feels like a jumble of Legos.

Good things, though:

  • Celebrating Saz's fiftieth birthday! The evening included mint juleps, blue hair dye, and other manifestations of mayhem.

  • Being able to disregard said mayhem long enough to stretch out on Saz's couch, the better to savor the Hot 8 Brass Band's rendition of "Sexual Healing."

  • Seeing Saz and Erac and other folks. Never world enough or time (or stamina), but the connections that do materialize, 'sgood.

  • Very pretty tea at brunch.

  • My new phone. (The old one had stopped working consistently, but I figure it had been functioning on borrowed time since last fall. (I somehow forgot I had it on me while fly-fishing in the Harpeth.)

  • Had one of those delicious phrase-suddenly-clicking-into-place-with-glorious-rightness moments during the drive home. (Immediately followed by, "oh, saints, now I have to figure out how to make everything around it work...")

  • I did not want to work tonight, but I did. And now I am done with what needed doing, and once I finish one last chore, I can go to bed.

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